People long for real discipleship. The question is how?

If the church in America doesn’t change…

Christianity could be
only one generation away from nearly
from the US¹ .

churches will
continue to close
their doors
every day² .

Millions of
people will
never hear the
Gospel in America³.

To reach people who may never come to a typical church service, you can plant
churches in a living room, in an autobody shop, or in an office breakroom.

We aren’t looking for the crowd. We’re looking for the faithful few.
Here’s our three levels of partnership:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Network Partners 


  • Use TTI’s Training Materials  

Ministry Partners 

  • Use TTI’s Materials  
  • Connect occasionally for coaching and leadership development 

Organizational Partners 

  • Use TTI’s Training Materials 
  • Join a Training Cohort  
  • Agree to fully follow TTI’s philosophy, strategy, and training model for the full two-year period. 

    Vision Cast

    Attending a TTI vision cast is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those faithful few willing to do the hard work of disciple making and church planting.