Vision Cast

What is a vision cast?

A one day gathering of pastors and ministry leaders to learn about TTI philosophy, values and strategies. You’ll learn how, partnering together, we can come alongside you to help you multiply disciples and churches in your neighborhood, community, and city.

What to expect?

● You’ll hear directly from TTI practitioners who are actively involved in making disciples, planting churches, and developing leaders.
● We’ll talk about the urgent need for more effective discipleship.
● You’ll learn about TTI as a global and domestic movement and our training philosophy, strategy, and process.
● You’ll see an example of the adoption and implementation of the TTI process at the host church.
● You’ll learn about how to partner with TTI to make disciples, plant churches, and develop leaders.

How much does it cost?

TTI Vision Casts are free* to attend.

* Attendees cover the cost of their travel and accommodations

What are my next steps?

After attending a vision cast you’ll be invited to apply to become a “Paul” (Training Center Leader) with TTI. You’ll enter a vetting process and, if selected, you’ll train weekly for a two year period. Over the course of two years, you and those you train will share the Gospel with many non-believers, equip new believers to become faithful disciple makers, and plant churches among the people and places in your circles.

Upcoming Events

Restored Church

Wilkes-Barre, PA

June 18 | 10:00am – 4:00pm