What We Do

TTI is a global movement that makes and multiplies disciples, churches, and leaders. We’re committed to getting a church in every village, everywhere.

Our ministry model is based on 2 Timothy 2:2.
“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

Kingdom Impact

2007 – Present


Churches Planted


Widows and Orphans Impacted


New Disciples
*estimate based on historical averages of new believers per church planted


UPGs Impacted
*UPG = Unreached People Group

The Method

Ready to do a deep dive into how TTI plants churches?

*TOT – Training of Trainers; A quarterly gathering of Pauls, led by experienced ministry leaders, for ongoing leadership development, training, and mutual encouragement. Pauls are taught how to teach the information in the TTI Books, then Pauls train their Timothy’s on the material in their respective Training Centers.

Vision Cast

TTI gathers as many as 200 area pastors to cast the vision of planting multiplying churches in partnership with TTI. Those who express interest apply to become “Pauls” and are vetted and selected for two years of discipleship. Qualifying Pauls open TTI training centers in their local church and begin to recruit about 20 people to be their “Timothys” —church planters in training.


Pauls are trained using Disciples Making Disciples 1 (DMD 1.) Then, they train their Timothys through the same material and begin to live in obedience-based discipleship. Each Timothy…

  • Makes a list of 30+ people to share the Gospel with
  • Shares the Gospel once each day
  • Learns to ground new disciples through the Bible and prayer
  • Gathers new disciples into small fellowships


Once Pauls complete Books 1 (Discovering the Bible) and 2 (Communicating the Bible), then they train their Timothys through the same material. As Timothys raise up new disciples, some show leadership potential and are identified for more intentional discipleship, these are called “Tituses.”


Now that Pauls have trained their Timothy’s on Books 1 and 2, at TOT 3 they receive training on Books 3 (The Book of Acts & Church Planting Movements) and 4 (Old Testament 1.) A this stage, Pauls, Timothys, and Tituses begin to identify which UPGs (Unreached People Groups) they are working among, which villages have zero churches, and to survey nearby villages for future church planting work.


Pauls gather to receive training on Books 5 (Old Testament 2) and 6 (New Testament Gospels). Pauls continue to train Timothys and Timothys continue to train Tituses on a weekly basis to make disciples and plant new churches.


Pauls gather to receive training on Books 7 (The Heart of the Disciple Making Church Planter) and 8 (New Testament General Letters). As early as TOT 5 we see Titus church plants start to take place.  


Pauls gather to receive training on Book 9 (Major Bible Doctrines.) As the training continues, Pauls mentor Timothys and help them ensure health and growth in their churches over the long haul. 


Pauls gather to receive training on Book 10 (Apologetics, Church History, & Spiritual Warfare.) Some church plants are now ready to multiply into second and third generation churches.


Most training centers plant 15-25 churches. The focus is on helping Timothys lead their churches and manage the variety of challenges they face. Pauls, Timothys, and Tituses who were found faithful over the course of the two-year training are invited to take the next step in the leadership pipeline and continue with TTI for another two years.


Every Timothy who plants at least one church is invited to participate in a graduation ceremony.

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